Saturday, April 14, 2012

Prostate Pal Initial Reception

When the app was submitted, it only took a few days for the Apple team to review it and clear it for distribution on the App store.  It was definitely gratifying to see it go live for the world to download!
Upon release, it was even listed as a "New and Noteworthy" app in the medical app section. That was an unexpected surprise.

Soon after release, an additional surprise was being approached by a reporter at the Associated Press for a story about the app!  It was exciting to relay to them my vision for utilizing mobile healthcare technology to improve doctor/patient communication and increase efficiency of care within urology.

Things truly move fast in the internet age because I spoke to the reporter about Prostate Pal in the morning and it was released on the newswire that afternoon.  Soon, it was carried by tons of news outlets and was all over the internet. When I was driving home from work that day, I even heard the story on the radio!

Short form of story

Long form of story

So the initial reception was truly beyond my wildest dreams.  I was just very happy that the increased exposure meant that more men would be aware of such a tool for their mobile devices and feel empowered to use it to improve their health.

Secondarily, by getting the app out there and having such press, I hoped that the stigma of prostate diseases can be lessened somewhat.  As the story revealed, many men believe that you should just live with prostate conditions....when in actuality proper urologic care can improve quality of life and be life saving in some cases.

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