Sunday, April 15, 2012

Creating Bladder Pal

When Prostate Pal came out, there was a great launch.  The media attention related to the Associated Press article really made the downloads happen.  Due to the buzz, many women became aware of the app and asked for an app that would be more pertinent to their needs.  No woman was understandably interested in downloading Prostate Pal for their own use! 

I received lots of great feedback from Prostate Pal and sought to improve it with a second version.  At the same time, it made sense to spinoff a unisex version that women could use as well.  It turned out later that parents of children suffering from urologic conditions also found Bladder Pal very helpful.  

So soon after release of Prostate Pal, the work started on the update and the Bladder Pal app.  Once again, the LeBaron Foundation was the crucial funding in this endeavor through the Concord Hospital Trust and 9Magnets, LLC was the app development partner.  The main things I wanted to add to the app was leakage data, incontinence pad data, and an export function.  In May 2011, the updates were complete and Bladder Pal joined Prostate Pal in the App Store!

Bladder Pal has the following components:
  • Bladder Diary - This is used to track fluid intake, urine output, urinary leakage, and incontinence pad changes.  The information that is logged will help your healthcare assess your urinary health and response to therapy.  Containers to measure output can be purchased at your local drug store.
  • AUA Symptom Score - This is a questionnaire produced by the American Urological Association. It has been validated with numerous medical studies.  The list of questions are used to help men and women in conjunction with their healthcare providers assess their urinary symptoms and response to therapy.

Bladder Pal Home Screen
I'm particularly proud of the e-mail button as well as the clear home screen which includes daily leak and incontinence pad data.  9Magnets did a great job on the implementation.

Here are links to the Bladder Pal:

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