Monday, April 30, 2012

ACPE meeting debrief - Make your life more like a casino

Just got back from the American College of Physican Executives Annual Meeting.
It was a very enlightening time.  I really enjoyed meeting physicians from all over the world with a deep interest in shaping the future of healthcare.

I presented a poster on my mobile apps - Prostate Pal and Bladder Pal that was very well received!  I got some great feedback for future directions of the well as my career with respect to mobile healthcare technologies.  Thank you to all those who came by and engaged me about this.

I'd like to focus a little bit on our keynote speaker - Peter Sims, author of the book "Little Bets: How Breakthrough Ideas Emerge from Small Discoveries".  He gave a great talk about making small low risk pilot projects and prototypes to drive creativity.  Some references he used to support this process were Frank Gehry's extensive use of models to create new buildings, Pixar's way of creating films, and the comedian's use of small venues as a lab to create new material.  After his lecture, we participated in fun exercises to demonstrate the "Little Bet" principles that really let our creative juices flow.

Thanks to the meeting,  I feel more empowered to take more creative stabs at things and approach life like a player in a casino rather than a nervous soldier in a minefield!

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