Tuesday, April 10, 2012

First Post

Hello, world!

I've created this blog to educate the public regarding urology and male health as well as share with you my exploits.

First of all, who am I?  I'm a urologist in Concord, NH with a clinical and research interest in male health and mobile apps.

Here is my LinkedIn profile - this will give you more details:
My profile

The blog is called Prostate Pals because I think it has a nice ring to it and because it is also the title of the free urologic health app (no ads too) I created for Apple and Android devices.  Here are some links to the apps:

Prostate Pal for Apple Devices

Prostate Pal for Android

There is a unisex app called Bladder Pal also for Apple and Android:

Bladder Pal for Apple Devices

Bladder Pal for Android

If you are reading, please comment...and send over any request you have for topics.

I hope to start generating further content real soon, so stay tuned!

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