Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sharing our research at the NEAUA Meeting

Entrance to the Meeting at the Westin in Boston

I was at the 81st New England American Urological Association Annual Meeting in Boston last week.  The meeting was well attended with participants hailing from not only New England but also from many other parts of the US.  I had a great time catching up with colleagues as well as former residents I trained who are now colleagues (!).

At this year's meeting, I was also active as a member of the Scientific Program Committee, reviewing abstracts and helping the Program Chairs outline the format for the sessions.

My research group had a podium abstract at the meeting about laser prostate surgery.
Check out this prior blog post for more details about the abstract as well as my meeting involvement.

Drs. Ben Herrick (right) and Ron Yap (left) after our presentation.
See how relieved Ben looks?
Dr. Ben Herrick did a great job presenting our findings in the session.  The abstract was favorably received and marks the 4th time he has been able to share our research at a scientific meeting.  At this past American Urological Association Annual Meeting in May,  Dr. Herrick was first author on three abstracts for my group.  This is no small feat for such a large and competitive international meeting.  So kudos, Ben.  Keep up the good work!

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  1. Indeed, I was relieved! I had to pee so bad during the presentation and was finally able to, just after the talk and prior to this picture.

    Seriously, people are starting to realize that laser prostate surgery can be done as an outpatient without being admitted to the hospital. Our work has shown that even the sickest patient's can be done without being admitted. This is important as it minimizes the hospital acquired infections and the size of their bill, and I am glad it has been recognized by the AUA. - Ben