Wednesday, June 20, 2012

AMA tells USPSTF to incorporate specialists in guideline creation

Resolutions were passed at the American Medical Association House of Delegates Meeting admonishing the USPSTF regarding their screening guidelines on mammography and PSA screening.

Here are the passed resolutions: (Source: AUA e-mail alert)

RESOLVED, That our AMA expresses concern regarding recent recommendations by the USPSTF on screening mammography and PSA screening and the effects these USPSTF recommendations have on limiting access to preventive care for Americans.

RESOLVED, That our AMA encourage the USPSTF to implement procedures that allow for meaningful input on recommendation development from specialists and stakeholders in the topic area under study.

Here is coverage from ABC News on the topic. 

The recent USPSTF guidelines for PSA screening were done without the input from the American Urological Association.  This is a big tripping point for me on the guidelines since we urologists are the main doctors who take care of men with prostate cancer.

Further, the USPSTF membership lacks oncologists and urologists. Here are the current members of the USPSTF: 

I applaud the AMA for taking a stand on this. Specialists represent a great resource for the crafting of these guidelines and need to be involved at the ground level, not after the fact.  Not involving main stakeholders who implement such guidelines reduces buy-in from the medical community as well as patients.

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